Set Up an offshore Company in Dubai

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What is AN offshore Company?

An offshore company is a non-trading company that is commonly used to own assets such as real estate and shares. They are usually incorporated for privacy and operation advantages with regard to financial, legal, and tax benefits in foreign countries.

Offshore companies are permitted to open bank accounts within the UAE, however they cannot issue work visas or have physical offices within the country.


offshore Company

Can hold shares in another company

Layer of privacy

Able to purchase assets such as real estate

100% Foreign ownership.

Not allowed to carry out trading or business activity

Requires a representative agent

Able to open a bank account withn the UAE

Benefits of setting up your offshore company

There are many reasons to open an offshore company in the UAE :

An offshore company is able to buy and sell assets but not carry out business activity

You are able purchase any asset through an offshore company such as real estate and shares. Registration of an offshore company can be done remotely and you can still have a bank account with both a local and some international banks too..

Get a layer of privacy with an offshore company

A UAE offshore company can be setup without your details appearing on a company register. Therefore if you wish to exercise discretion with regards to business dealings an offshore company can be ideal.

A representative agent required to open an offshore company

In order to open an offshore company you normally need to go through a registered agent such as ourselves. The agents details will appear on the register and they will take care of the complex paperwork involved on your behalf.