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how to open a bank account in dubai?

Dubai is well on its way to establishing itself as one of the leading financial hubs in the Middle East and globally. With market-leading banking and financial infrastructure at its core, investors from all walks of life can sleep easily knowing their money is safeguarded by stringent regulatory protection.

The local currency, Dirham(AED), is directly pegged to the US dollar, which provides a level of stably unseen in other emerging markets with comparing tax benefits.

To bring things full circle, once you have your residency sorted, our strive consults will take this one step further and help you with the opening of your personal accounts as well.

While not part of our core business, one of our founding beliefs is bringing the most value to our customers so they can focus on what’s important. This is just another example of us living up to our promise to you.


UAE Individual Bank Account

UAE Visa Transcript


Salary Certificate (For Employed)

Passport Copy

Minimum Salary of Dhs3,000

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