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What company formation options are available in the UAE?


The process of opening a business in the UAE can be daunting, but we will help you avoid any major hiccups on your journey. From obtaining all necessary permits and dealing with local authorities to launching your new company as soon as possible

The three most popular types of companies in the UAE are free zones, offshore, and mainland. There are many variables to consider when opening your business, including which setup will provide you with what benefits based on where it’s located. You must also factor in how much regulation there may be around certain industries that could affect operations if not handled properly by consultants at Strive who specialize in this area!

The best way to know which kind of company you should open depends entirely on your needs and the future ambitions of your business. We’re here to help you navigate the landmines, which can have consequences like hefty fines.

Struggling to choose which option is right for you?

Opened Remotely


No Office Needed

100% Ownership

Unlimited Visas


Company Formation

Free zone

Dubai has a number of geographic locations referred to as “Free zones”. These free zones are designed to allow easy company incorporation for foreign nationals.

Can be opened remotely

Many cost-effective options

No requirement for
a physical premises

100% foreign ownership
(no local sponsor required)

Future tax concessions

Maximum employees of
5-6 without incurring a cost

Company Formation


A mainland company allows you to openly trade anywhere in the UAE. In recent years, certain business activities now allow for 100% foreign ownership.

Openly trade with other mainland and free zone companies

Rent commercial space anywhere

Unlimited visa allocations allowed

Many business activities can have 100% foreign ownership

Minimum commercial
space required

Physically required to visit the
UAE to open a company

Company Formation


An offshore company or SPV is a non-trading company which is commonly used to own.

Can hold shares in another company

Layer of privacy

Able to purchase assets such as real estate

100% foreign ownership
(no local sponsor required)

Not allowed to carry out trading or business activity

Requires a representative agent in UAE