The most flexible licence in the UAE

General trading licence for Dubai

Inarguably offering the highest degree of freedom and flexibility, a General Trading License is one of the most sought-after licenses. A general trading license allows you to import, export and distribute goods and products. 

Apart from a few restricted industries such as oil, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals which require additional permissions, a General Trading License permits you to trade in a number of diverse products under one license & is the perfect license for import-export as it does not require the goods to be related to one another. 

The greatest advantage of this license is that you can mix and match multiple activities with the option to add new activities in the future.

Note: When it comes to general trading business licenses, It is always better to get a Mainland General Trading License in Dubai over a Free Zone one, as you will be able to trade freely in Dubai and throughout the UAE without any restrictions whereas with a Free Zone, there would be certain rules and regulations on the scope of trade.