Your Gateway to Financial Mastery: The Strive Accounting Guide

Discover a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise with the Strive Accounting Guide. This carefully curated resource is your gateway to understanding essential accounting principles, optimizing financial management, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Dive into the guide to access expert insights, practical tips, and actionable advice tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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About Our Accounting Guide

Our comprehensive accounting guide is curated by industry experts and seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of financial management. It covers a wide range of topics essential for businesses, from bookkeeping and tax compliance to payroll management and strategic financial planning.

Let us navigate the complexities of your finances, optimize your tax strategies, and pave the way for your success in the competitive business landscape.

Pritesh Mehta
Head of Accounting & Tax

What You'll Discover in Our Guide

  • 1. Bookkeeping Essentials

    Learn the fundamentals of maintaining accurate financial records and leveraging cloud-based solutions for streamlined bookkeeping.

  • 2. Bank Reconciliation

    Discover the importance of reconciling your bank statements for 100% accuracy in financial reporting.

  • 3. Payroll Management

    Get insights into managing your team's payroll efficiently, including WPS services and compliance.

  • 4. Reporting and Audit

    Understand the significance of management reporting and audits conducted by senior accountants for business transparency.

  • 5. Tax Compliance

    Navigate the complexities of VAT and Corporation tax registration, filing, and receive expert advice on corporate tax matters.

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After exploring our comprehensive guide, you'll gain valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of accounting in the UAE and understanding how it impacts your business.

Meet Our Expert Accounting Team

Our dedicated team of accounting professionals is committed to providing top-tier accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses. With a wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge, our experts ensure that your financial management is seamless and compliant. We specialize in delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of small businesses in Dubai, helping you achieve financial success and stability.

Pritesh Mehta

Head of Accounting & Tax

Shruti Jhunjhunwala

Lead Accountant

Raj Karwal

COO and Head of UK

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Testimonial from Priyesh Dusara

The team at Strive made my experience transitioning abroad seamless. Finding people who are straight, informative, and speak from their own experiences is what I was after, and with Pali and the team, I got exactly that! Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Liam Fitzgerald

The team at Strive are professional, diligent and we’re very efficient. They understood my business needs and delivered with a smooth service. A massive fan and I will 100% recommend them.

Liam Fitzgerald -
Co-Founder at KinFitz & Co
Testimonial from Ryan Martin

I highly recommend Strive to anyone looking for a high-end, reliable service, with people that genuinely care about you and your needs. They went above and beyond in making us feel comfortable in Dubai.

Ryan Martin -
Health Coach

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