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A UAE Consultancy License is one which allows you to provide your choice of professional services as a licensed business owner in Dubai and across the UAE.

With the growing number of businesses in the UAE – most requiring professional consultancy services instead of hiring full time employees, the consultancy sector is booming like never before. 

There are a number of consultancy licenses to choose from depending on your area of expertise like Project Management, IT, Legal, Financial, HR, Marketing just to name a few. A fairly easy license with a few requirements to be met with, and you are good to start your consultancy firm.

One of the largest markets globally, the consultancy sector is growing year-on-year in the UAE with around USD 5 billion in revenues in the GCC alone.

The most common consultancy licenses in Dubai and the UAE are:

  • project management consultancy
  • Human resources and manpower consultancy
  • IT consultancy
  • Engineering consultancy

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Dubai Consultancy Business License FAQs:

  • What services can I offer with a consultancy business license in Dubai?

    Consultancy business licenses in Dubai allow you to offer a wide range of professional services such as management consulting, financial advisory, legal consulting, HR consulting, and more.

  • Do I need any professional qualifications or certifications to apply for a consultancy business license?

    While specific qualifications or certifications may enhance credibility, they are not mandatory for obtaining a consultancy business license. However, demonstrating expertise and experience in your field is essential.

  • Can I provide consultancy services to both local and international clients with this license?

    Yes, consultancy licenses in Dubai typically allow you to serve clients both within the UAE and internationally, offering flexibility in conducting business across borders.

  • What are the advantages of having a consultancy business license in terms of tax benefits?

    Consultancy businesses often benefit from tax incentives and exemptions, especially in free zones, which can significantly reduce tax liabilities and enhance profitability.

  • Does Strive assist with obtaining the consultancy business license in Dubai and navigating the licensing process?

    Yes, Strive specializes in assisting individuals and companies in obtaining consultancy business licenses in Dubai. We provide comprehensive support throughout the licensing process, including preparing required documentation, liaising with relevant authorities, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Our expertise in consultancy licensing helps clients navigate the complexities of the application process and obtain their licenses efficiently and effectively.

  • Are there any specific industry regulations or compliance standards for consultancy businesses in Dubai?

    Consultancy businesses must adhere to relevant industry regulations, licensing requirements, and professional standards set by authorities and regulatory bodies in Dubai.

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