Abu Dhabi Global Market

The international finance centre based in the capital of the UAE, ADGM is a free zone in Abu Dhabi and is uniquely managed by common international standards. Learn more about this premium free zone

  • Managed by English common law
  • Ideally suited to financial and technology businesses
  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • Low taxes on capital gains, dividends and income

About ADGM

ADGM is spread across Al Maryah Island and Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi and is home to 1000s of international companies expanding in the region. It is one of 2 free zones jurisdictions which operate in the UAE in line with international best practices by consisting of independent authorities for managing company registrations, financial services and legal matters.

Due to its strong focus on compliance and governance, it is an excellent choice for businesses in banking, wealth management and fintech. It is also particularly suited to those with complex ownership structures (SPVs, holding companies, head offices) and is often a choice for technology startups in the region.

Our team at Strive will help decide if an ADGM entity would be the right choice for your business.

Narenda Punwaney, CFO of Strive Consultants

One of two free zones in the UAE which are managed under common law, ADGM is a great place to incorporate more complex legal structures and also those focussing on the finance and technology sectors

Narenda Punwaney

Benefits of ADGM

ADGM offices, Abu Dhabi

  • 100% foreign ownership under a respected legal framework
  • No restrictions on foreign employees
  • Low (often 0%) taxes
  • English speaking common law judicial system
  • Independent courts of law

What makes ADGM interesting is that it has adopted many laws from England & Wales and in most cases runs under English common law. Additionally, all documentation is in English. This makes it a very attractive free zone for businesses with international stakeholders.

Another free zone to consider is DIFC, which is a Dubai based free zone and operates in a similar way to ADGM and follows many aspects of the law of England and Wales. It is a financial and technology hub and is home to many global businesses.


  • What is ADGM

    ADGM is a special free zone located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.

  • What are the differences between ADGM and DIFC?

    Both jurisdictions are very similar, but DIFC has largely follows UAE law with English common law being the "fall back". ADGM follows English law first and falls back to UAE laws.

  • Do I need to lease an office in ADGM

    In some cases, yes. It is generally expected that companies forming in ADGM would have some office space in the free zone. There are some exceptions - your Strive consultant can advise further on this based on your business activity.

  • Is the ADGM free zone tax free?

    Depending on your business activity, you may qualify for exemptions from corporation tax. Speak to our advisors who can guide you on the available schemes.

Setup your ADGM entity

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  • Residency visa for entrepreneurs, employees, and families