Guide to Understanding UAE Residents Visa Options: Navigating Your Legal Status.

The UAE has a number of different residency visa options available. We deep dive into the differences and which one is the right one for you and your family.

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A UAE residents visa is an official document issued by the UAE immigration authorities that allows a person to travel to and enter the UAE for a specific purpose and live in the country. A residents visa will state the length of time you’re permitted to stay in the UAE (normally 2-3 years) and can be single or multiple entry. The UAE Government has introduced several types of visas and entry permits to encourage tourism, employment, setting up businesses and moving to Dubai and across the UAE. The purpose behind this is to make the transition as smooth as possible and in fact moving to Dubai has never been easier. UAE visas are broadly divided into Long-term Resident Visas (such as Business, Remote Work, Retirement, Freelance, Golden, Student, Employment, Dependant) and Short-term Non-Resident Visas (such as Tourist, Transit, Visit, Medical Treatment, E-visa for GCC Residents) Here is a brief of some of the most popular UAE residents visas.

Business Residents Visa

A business visa is a long-term residents visa which foreigners can obtain for themselves and their dependents. It aims to create an attractive environment for entrepreneurs and UAE’s economy. Professionals from any country with entrepreneurial experience or a business plan and the wish to set up a business in the UAE are eligible to apply for the business visa.

It is mandatory to first register your business with the UAE Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Once you’ve registered your business, you can apply for a business visa. Business visas are valid for two to three years depending on the type of company and the jurisdiction you’ve registered in and can be renewed timely with a valid business license. Remote Work Residents Visa

A remote work visa allows anyone with employment outside of the UAE with a one-year employment contract and a minimum monthly salary of USD 5000 to reside and enjoy the lifestyle and tax-free benefits of the UAE. It is also applicable to entrepreneurs with their businesses (at least a year old) outside the UAE with proof of ownership and minimum monthly income eligibility criteria of USD 5000. A visa with one year validity which allows you all the facilities of telecommunications, utilities, banking, etc. and can be renewed if the eligibility criteria are continued to be met with. A great initiative by the UAE Cabinet to attract talent and let everyone enjoy the Dubai life!

Retirement Visa

This is a five-year resident visa for retired UAE residents over the age of 55 years if they meet the eligibility criteria of either having a monthly income of AED 20,000 or financial savings of AED 1 million or property investment in the UAE worth at least AED 2 million. The visa is renewable if the criteria is continued to meet with.

Golden Visa

The UAE has introduced the prestigious five and ten year golden residents visas for individuals with specialized talents, outstanding students, professionals with commendable achievements in their fields,humanitarian pioneers, frontline heroes, investors and entrepreneurs,. The criteria varies depending under which quota you apply for starting with a minimum investment of AED 2 million for investors and so on. The UAE golden visa gives you a number of benefits like - no need for a sponsor, ability to stay outside the UAE for a period of more than six months, sponsoring your dependents regardless of their age, sponsoring unlimited domestic help, permission for family members to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit even in the case of the primary golden visa holders death

Tourist Visas

There are a whole bunch of tourist visas ranging from 14-day validity up till 3 months. Depending on the duration of your visit, you can choose one that suits you best but be sure you do not work on your tourist/visit visa or overstay your visa as doing so will attract heavy fines.


The UAE is a great place to start a business, make a career change, or retire. The country offers a lot of benefits to expats, including good weather, a growing economy, and friendly people. However, it’s important to know which residents visa is best suited for your needs along with its requirements to make your move to the UAE as easy as possible. There are a lot of new rules and regulations – especially when it comes to visas. Once you’ve secured the right visa for yourself, you can start settling into your new life in the UAE. Whether you plan on staying for a short time or making Dubai your home for good, we’ve got you covered

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